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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 19, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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and now you know the news for this friday, november the 19th, 2010. that means lsu football tomorrow night. glad not to be going but i'm glad we're going to be winning. that will be four in a row for houston. ha ha ha. >> juan: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> >> i do understand the sensitivity of the people, yeah. are you asking am i going to change the policies? no. >> can't touch this. >> juan: federal officials as grow over invasive airport security screening. has the government gone too far? >> will you stop touching me? >> we'll debate it could sarah palin beat president obama? >> i don't think she could beat president obama, but she is always underestimated so, you know, i think i shouldn't say anymore. >> juan: wow, did vice president joe biden just take a shot at the commander and chief?
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dana perino and leslie marshall will analyze. >> i'm not connecting. >> juan: and bill o'reilly. >> get the hell out pa have poo. >> bill, you are a genius, you are not a simple man. >> juan: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. advisor. >> juan: hi, i'm juan williams in tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. we will get right to our top story. prepare for a travel nightmare if you are getting on a plane to get see your family for thanksgiving next week. 24 million americans will go through a living hell just because they want to visit their loved ones. the t.s.a. is refusing to budge on their controversial policy that involve full body scans and intrusive patdowns of passengers. however, they announce today
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that pilots will get a pass on some of the screening procedures. but complicating matters the government refuses to profile passengers who are most likely to blow up planes. many americans don't think grandma and little kids are a threat to passenger safety but the feds apparently disagree. the burning question: should there be any limits on what the government can do under the guise of keeping us safe? joining us now is the man responsible for making those calls t.s.a. administrator john pistole. mr. pistole, thanks for coming in tonight. now, you are aware that there is a growing backlash in the country against this kind of what's viewed as intrusive, maybe overly aggressive techniques being used by t.s.a. at the airport. and then i just heard you say in the tape that we played from yesterday and when you were in front of congress, you are not having any second thoughts. you are not budging. what are you feeling like today as you watch the backlash grow?
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>> well, juan, obviously a concern to us and i am listening to those concerns, the bottom line is how do we best provide for the safety and security of the traveling public in light of a determined enemy who has proven adept at constructing well-designed, well concealed twices which would not show up in a walk-through metal detector. we are trying to employ the best technology, the latest technology along with the best protestor calls and protocols and practices in terms of being able to identify and render safe, if you will, any possible threat. agreed everybody wants to get home safely. how can we and t.s.a. work with the traveling public to make that happen. >> juan: well, mr. pistole, let me just clear up some points of fact. would this device, the new device, the a.c.t., would that have found the christmas bomber, the guy who had the explosive
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liquids in his underwear? would that have detected it? >>ed advanced imaging technology. >> juan: a.i.t. >> gives us the boast opportunity to do that nothing it it s. full proof. metallic or nonme tack lick anomis that would not be picked up on a metal detector. yes, gives us the best opportunity. >> juan: you are not saying that it would have stopped him. >> well, of course we don't know precisely because we don't have that exact device on that exact person but it does give us the best opportunity because, again, it depicts those anomalies that would perhaps be, as you mentioned, a nonmetallic device that is well designed, well concealed and, again, given that innovative approach, we have to make sure that we are staying a step ahead of the terrorists as they can field devices like they
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did a few weeks ago in yemen, looked like normal printer cartridges even on the first examination did not appear -- did not test positive for explosives. yet we know those devices could have gone off and brought down the entire cargo aircraft just as abdul meth's device could have brought down northwest 253 on christmas day last year. >> juan: some say you are going to this imaging as some people view as highly invasive and patdown. what about profiling? are you looking at people who are most likely to be engaged in terrorism? >> we always want to be informed by the latest intelligence and so we work closely with our partners in the intelligence community, the law enforcement community. both here in the u.s. and around the world. and, of course, as we saw with the yemen attorney cartridges, that was information was provided by saudi intelligence that led us precisely to the two packages that contained those devices. that's always preferable to have
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specific, credible, timely intelligence that helps form our actions. as you know, juan, most times we do not have that kind of specific credible timely intelligence. >> juan: that's why i'm asking about profiling. most americans say you know what? islamic extremists are the ones that took the plane into the buildings. they are involved in the terrorism. isn't it legitimate to say they're going to be subjected to some additional scrutiny? you know and people are saying if you are not suspicious of the people who have been involved previously, well, maybe we should be suspicious of your judgment. >> well, of course we use a lot of intelligence, as i mentioned, to put people who are of concern, on watch lists, whether that's a no fly list where they never get on a flight or selectee list so we can provide extra air marshals. additional screening when they go to the airport. we have a number of layers of security that doesn't just
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resolve with t.s.a. at the check point. we gather as much information as we can about the person, their background and thing that the law allows without profiling and then we try to make informed judgments as to how we can best proceed. >> juan: well, do you want to profile? >> well, of course i don't want to profile because we don't know exactly what that would involve. we know that terrorists don't necessarily have a face. we know there has been two suicide bombers that were 64 years old. we know that timothy mcveigh or eric rudolph or kosinski. >> juan: when they see you patting down grandma or nun or a little child they say what are you doing? >> and i agree with that, juan, in terms of where does common sense come into play, we have exempted children 12 and under from the thorough patdown that we do. obviously everybody hats right to opt out of the advanced imaging technology, we just note that you will receive a similar
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level of screening which means a thorough patdown. what we don't want to have is abdulmutallab, go to an airport, opt out of the technology and think he will be able to go through because he doesn't receive patdown. >> juan: most americans think whatever it takes to keep us safe. you also must know that there is this backlash brewing. i'm wondering, are you blaming the media or are you saying you know what? i'm not doing a good job of getting my message out? what's going on here. >> no, i think this is what makes america great, that people can express their opinions, voice their opinions and however they want to do that that is lawful and peaceful obviously. i think this is a good topic of public debate. how can we best blend security and privacy in a way that makes sense, again, fort bottom line in making sure people get to their destination safely. >> juan: you are a good guy for coming in tonight because you are in the middle of this controversy and you took the time and you came in the fire in the arena here. we appreciate it thank you very much. >> thank you, juan.
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>> juan: next on the rundown, what does geraldo rivera think about the t.s.a. travel nightmare? geraldo right here and later vice president biden weighs in on a potential palin obama face-off in 2012. you might be surprised by what he has to say. upcoming. could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist? patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interesting. you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you. ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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geraldo segment how does mr. geraldo rivera feel about the screenings and patdowns, here now a fully clothed, untouched geraldo rivera. >> you are not going to feel me up before we start here are you. >> juan: no, no, no. we are friendly but let's not get that close. >> yeah, that's correct. >> juan: let me ask you, everybody knows your face, everybody knows geraldo rivera what happens when you go through. >> they say hi geraldo they proceed to give me the most invasive, insulting, intrusive body patdown. geraldo, you know the drill. and the worst thing is, you know, i have a titan yum full knee replacement, juan. i always set the initial machine off. and then people who know at newark airport where i always pass through, people who have screened me before and given me the whole thing give it to me again. my point is not that i should be treated differently. my point is that it is not results-oriented. it is form oriented. the whole procedure is to comply with some political correctness or some desire to appear equal
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handed, even handed and treat everyone the same. but that is preposterous. you know, even the administration pistole, his name, he points out the yemen ink cartridges. they were not detected by surveillance machinery. they were detected by intelligence. s that the way the israeli airports stop hijackers. they do it with intelligence and subjected screening. you don't treat grandma the same way you treat the kid who got off the one-way ticket from yemen. i'm sorry but you don't. it's not racial profiling. it's criminal profiling, which is legal in this country. it doesn't violate the fourth amendment. it is something that has to happen because this system is going to collapse on its own weight. it is absolutely intrusive. i have a suggestion. >> juan: wait, wait, hold on before your suggestion. you are saying you would support the idea of everybody saying,
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you know what? i have had enough. i want the patdown and just backing up the system for thanksgiving? >> well, i'm not sure that i would do that or boycott or anything. but here is what i think is the plan. now, what pistole did not say and has just now been breaking in the news is that they are going to give airline crews a pass. okay. >> the pilots? >> the pilots and the flight attendants are going to get a pass. in other words, they will go in a fast track line. what i would advocate is to hugely increase the people who get the pass, the pilot pass, for instance the million mile frequent fliers. the people from disney world tour groups that are randomly -- the synagogue group. the church group, you know, the obvious there are classes of people for whom the prospect of terrorism is remote. you can remove them, you give people a special ticket, a
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prescreening clearance where they don't even go throughout process at all. now you have what's left. the population you have left or the occasional fliers. of the occasional fliers there is a flight originated in yemen and the one's whose flight original nateed in israel or in, you know, some other sweden or some other country. >> juan: if they're here they would say to us, look, gentlemen, we have no fly list. we have extensive layers of checks. so that's nothing new. and it sounds to me like you are saying geraldo, juan, you guys don't have to get checked but everyone else has to get checked. >> you have a stop and frisk law here in new york where it is greatly credited with cutting down violent crime, specifically street crime. who is most impacted by top and frisk? it's the black and brown youngsters, the people from the marginal socioeconomic groups
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and neighborhoods. but that's where the crime is that is the way real world operates. it's not -- yes, i am offended. i'm offended like during the drug war when my mustache made me the person who was targeted. i think that you have to have subjective intelligent, reasonable approaches to stopping terrorism in the new era. if we don't, as we go forward in this new war, if there is, if you concede that there is a conflict between radical islam and the west, this is a conflict in its beginning stages. it's a decade old, has a -- >> juan: you know that stop and frisk everybody complained about made life better in minority communities. >> because we are almost always the victims of our own crime. >> juan: let me come back now to what's going on in the airports. you realize with the polls, big polls say most americans are okay with it because it makes us safer. no matter what t.s.a. does, no matter if you feel that it's redundant in terms of their
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screening procedures. >> i would venture to say that of that poll, the vast majority of those people do not fly or do not fly often. the poll should have only been conducted among people who fly or for whom commercial aviation is a fact of their life because that is the population who who is made miserable by this blunder-bust approach that has very little connection to the war on terror. >> juan: is this going to hurt obama? >> well, i think that in the current partisan climate, anything negative against any of his administrators is an attack on him perceived by his supporters as an attack on him and by his enemies as a just criticism of incompetent administration. >> juan: here we go. geraldo, thanks so much for coming. in directly ahead, the growing movement to get rid of attorney general eric holder in light of the terror trial fiasco. and then vice president biden chimes in on potential palin run
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>> juan: in the factor follow-up segment tonight, attorney general eric holder's justice department was only able to get one out of 285 terror-related charges against the jihadist ahmed ghailani. americans were promised that justice would be served by treating islamic extremists like common criminals. but with these results critics are now calling for mr. holder to resign. joining us from washington is one of those critics, michael goertzen, former speech writer for president george w. bush. michael, thanks for coming in. let's get right to it. why should eric holder resign. >> there are a bunch of reasons.
8:22 pm
his whole detainee policy has collapsed. he was the prime author of this idea that terrorists need to be tried in new york in civilian courts. the administration itself has reversed on that point. and i think that in order to have a new policy, they are going to need a new attorney general. >> michael, let's hold off on the policy for example, let's look at the specifics. even if this trial were held by a military tribunal, the judges would have thrown out the critical evidence that linked him to the actual planting of the bomb because the evidence was gained as within the "new york times" and all over the papers today, was gained while he was being tortured, so it wasn't legitimate evidence. it doesn't matter if it was a civil trial or military trial. >> well, i mean, you know, military tribunals are not kangaroo courts. they do have rules of evidence. but those rules of evidence are more liberal. it's easier to protect
8:23 pm
classified information. and it's the appropriate place to judge someone that was captured in an ongoing war. now, you know, the alternative here, those argue manies almost make no difference because the context is khalid sheikh mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11. the question is, is he going to be tried in mid-atlantic? that is not going to happen. it's never going to happen. >> juan: hold on, michael. hold on. i feel like you are taking us away from especially what specifically happened this week with this ghailani trial. i'm thinking to myself calling for holder to resign, are people picking on holder as a way to make president obama look bad? are you politicizing this effort to bring these terrorists to trial? >> no, actually i think it's a reflection of the fact that earlier in this process eric holder, not just made arguments that this was necessary, these trials were necessary for the rule of law, he had a preening
8:24 pm
lecturing attitude that said this is kind of a dividing line with an uncivillized past. now he is being asked to, you know, the president has adopted indefinite detention. guantanamo, you know, according to the leaks in the "the washington post" is open indefinitely. and, you know, the president, as i said, needs a new policy because this one has failed. the holder-sponsored approach to these issues has failed. you know, he is going to have to take a different approach. he is going to need a new attorney general. >> juan: i hear you loud and clear, michael when you say in fact that the president who promised he was going to close guantanamo bay realizes when faced with the reality of battling terrorists that he has to keep guantanamo open. let me just say that, again, getting back to what he would talking about today, this ghailani trial that a trial was held a n. a civilian court in the united states, there was no safety issue around no, security issues resulted. in addition, the man was
8:25 pm
convicted, he will be sentenced 20 years to life, so he is going to be put away, it seems to me that's a good message to send to the world. you say hey, that's all sort of idealism that eric holder has been talking about when he was talking down to us, especially to you folks in the bush administration about the need for civilian trials as opposed to the military tribunals, so michael what's wrong with sending the message to the world we try people in the united states in civilian courts, introduce evidence, and we got the conviction, the guy is going to jail? >> well, the situation here is that the whole reason that this trial was conducted, was to prove that khalid sheikh mohammed could be tried in a federal court in new york. and to build public confidence. it really didn't build public confidence in that process to have the terrorist in this particular case hugging his lawyer in victory, you know. not convicted of all of the
8:26 pm
murder charges against him. that does not build confidence in that kind of process for the khalid sheikh mohammed process. >> juan: let me push you here, michael. it does build confidence in terms of all the concern that you know what lower manhattan would be shut down if you had one of these terrorists on a civilian trial? >> now khalid sheikh mohammed different category. mastermind of 9/11. >> juan: here was a trial that was held with no security concerns. let me say something else to you, michael. if you look at the four people who have been tried in military tribunals under bush administration, only one got a life sentence. the other throw got off pretty lightly as compared to the sentence that ghailani is getting. so, in fact, didn't the civilian court work better? >> depends on the case. no, no. it depends on the case. -- it depends on the details of the case. >> juan: your point to me a minute coagulate was, look, you know this was supposed to build confidence and here i'm saying you know what? they got a pretty good result in terms of a conviction and this
8:27 pm
guy is likely to go away 20 years i think more close likely life. >> acquitted of every single charge of murder in this case. like i said, the question here is not just this case. it's whether khalid sheikh mohammed would use a trial in new york as a platform to essentially embrace martyr martyrdom and encourage violence. >> juan: i don't think they will have the trial in new york so i have to agree with you. >> not going to happen. >> juan: thanks so much, michael. >> sure. >> juan: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. you are going to be surprised by what joe biden is saying about a potential sarah palin run in 2012. we're going to show you the tape. and then, is the congressional black caucus really looking out for entrepreneurs? we'll talk to -- for african-americans? we hope you stay with us for those reports.
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wawb yuan two hot topics, two brilliant ladies is it full-time for eric holder to go and joe biden's shocking comments about a possible sarah palin run in 2012. let's bring in leslie marshall who joins from us l.a. and former white house press secretary dana perino who is in washington. dana, i wanted to start with you. you know what -- i'm not going to start with you, i'm going to start with leslie. >> that's very fair and balanced. >> juan: there we go. you heard michael garrison i-michael gerson say it's time for the attorney general to resign. leslie, you are a democrat. you think it's time for eric holder to say goodbye? >> no. what really concerns me here, juan, and i agree with most of what you said, what really concerns me is am i hearing that we have to switch attorney generals until we get a verdict we want even if we weren't
8:32 pm
sitting in the courtroom and know all the evidence that was presented? am i hearing that we need to have guilty verdicts across the board to make the american people feel good? thank god the lady of justice is blinded because i believe our court systems and what they did prove with this is they want truth based on the evidence. it is a civilian or military court. >> juan: political terms, i will ask dana about this in seconds strategy isn't holder becoming a lightning rod? i'm thinking here of the khalid sheikh mohammed trial. obviously not being held in lower manhattan, guantanamo not being closed. i'm thinking of the new black panther party case. i'm thinking about his reluctance to address islamic extremism for what it is, isn't he becoming a weight on the obama administration? >> no, i don't think so, juan. and i think dana might agree with me on this point that this in the administration time right now two years to a re-election campaign for the president would not be a time that he should be
8:33 pm
tossing his attorney general out. i don't think politically that would be a wise move. >> juan: dana, do you think it's time for eric holder to say goodbye? would that help president obama or hurt him. >> at this point it would probably help him. one thing that's interesting having just been in the bush administration, there wasn't a day that went by that a democrat didn't call for either attorney general ashcroft or attorney general gonzalez to be fired or to leave the administration. so it was quite political then. i would also say about mike gerson your first guest, juan, he is one of the most thoughtful and nonpolitical people that i know. he has been watching this development, all those things that you talked about develop over time. and i would tell you that i think that going back to last spring, when a former colleague of mine and i, we broke a story that said eric holder had not revealed that he had filed an am mick cuss brief in the jose padilla case which is also related to terrorism. so there has been a building
8:34 pm
call for him to resign. i personally never think it's my position to call for somebody to resign. i can see where it could help them make a pivot and a good one. >> juan: dana, let's stay with this case, this ghailani case. let me say he is getting 20 to life. is he going to super max. >> i heard you say that juan. this is what i think is interesting is that you talked about communications and the politics of it. so, yeah, we get to tell the world that here's this guy who is going to get -- he might get 20 years, of course, we don't know what kind of behavior he might get life. >> whatever. juan, the message that was sent across the country and across the world is that he was absolved of every single murder charge. he was only convicted of 1 out of every 285. it was eric holder and the press secretary across the board that promised us that these terrorists went to civilian trials that they would meet their maker. remember we had that whole discussion beforehand. this congress and this president
8:35 pm
passed a new law allowing allowing for military tribunals this experiment with civilian trials is beyond me. >> juan: i want you guys again as political analysts to look at a tape here of vice president biden talking about sarah palin and the possibility of a palin 2012 run. >> i don't think she could beat president obama, but, you know, she is always underestimated so, you know, i think i shouldn't say anymore. >> juan: dana, what is joe biden up to? it sounds there like is he taking a shot at president obama and giving a boost to sarah palin. >> no, no. i think this is what he was doing. one, he was telling the truth, okay? this is true she should not be ignored and she has proven that two, he is showing that he wants to make sure that the democrats stay energized because nothing makes democrats more angry and go into convulsions than thinking of sarah palin as president. i think he was just having to do
8:36 pm
that. plus if he had said she was not a serious contender, you can imagine the firestorm that would have erupted. i think he played it very safe today. wawb yuan he could have said you know what? i have got nothing say on this subject. she is a lovely lady and we will see how the republican primaries go. he didn't say that. >> does he ever say that? he can't help himself. >> juan: oh. let me ask you from a a different perspective is sarah palin your dream girl? would democrats just love to run against sarah palin? >> well, as a talk show host she is my dream candidate because it gives me plenty of material day after day. do i think she is a good candidate for the president? yes. because i think a lot of republicans like her but i don't think they would vote for her. many don't feel she is qualified for the position. so i think it would be actually an easy re-election bid for the president. however, i do somewhat agree with the vice president. i mean, i see many surprises lately, juan. delaware is an example of that prior to the election in the primary.
8:37 pm
so, you never can underestimate in two years as you know is a long time in politics. it's more than a lifetime. >> juan: so you are saying democrats shouldn't be cocky and think that sarah palin doesn't pose a threat because you look at christine o'donnell, whatever, you think that sarah palin is legit and a real contender for the presidency? >> well, i think right now. like i said, i didn't know who she was just a few weeks before she stood on that platform with john mccain a few years ago. >> juan: right now she is legit and you are saying as a political analyst, you know what? anybody who takes her for granted is a fool? >> i'm saying right now, juan, that statistics show when people vote, name recognition is huge. and she has huge name recognition. and unfortunately, we do vote in a sense with occultive personality and celebrity and she has that she is a viable contender. >> juan: dana, she s. she your candidate. >> i will support the republican no matter who it is. she aid added two states to book tour south carolina and iowa.
8:38 pm
>> juan: ladies, thank you very much. up next, is it time to end the culture of victimization and divisive racial politics in the congressional black caucus? one brand new congressman elect thinks so and he will be here to explain. moments away. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted.
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8:42 pm
than 50 years. when the call went out in 1965, to come to selma, alabama, to help people who had been standing in unmovable line, who could not register to vote, he came to selma. and he walked with many of us including dr. martin luther king jr. >> juan: joining us from washington congressman elect alan west a republican who plans on joining the congressional black caucus despite being an outspoken critic of that congressional black caucus. colonel west, thanks for coming. in we appreciate it very much. >> thank you for having me, juan. >> juan: we are going to get to your beef with the congressional black caucus. i want to make, first, what do you make of civil rights icon john lewis introducing race in his defense, in his defense of charlie rangel? >> well, i have got to tell you, juan, i really do find it very hypocritical because i just came
8:43 pm
through one of the nastiest congressional races in the country and we were successful in winning by almost 9 points. but during that race i had my social security number printed in a mail piece that was sent out. i was accused of being a member of an all-might motorcycle gang, a drug dealer, a runner of a prostitution ring but yet john lewis came down with alcee hastings and campaigned against me in support of of my opponent. and of course now we find out that alcee hastings the congressman from south florida is also up on some ethics charges relating to travel. we also have a local talk radio host, a dear friend of my george coughman who is being viciously attacked by the left so they can try to discredit me. but i don't see john lewis saying anything about that type of attack. so once again, i think it shows this duplicitous standard, this hypocrisy where there are certain rules that apply to everyone else but those same rules don't apply to the left and obviously --
8:44 pm
>> juan: the fact is john lewis is a hero. he made personal sacrifices in the course of the civil rights movement in this country, i'm. >> i'm from atlanta, georgia. >> juan: you know. >> my parents voted for john lewis. >> juan: he is expending his political capital in defense of charlie rangel who was, i think, expending political capital but doing so exploiting his own black community. i'm wondering if this amounts to what the critics might say is playing the race card in defense of a guy whose corruption really impacted the black community in harlem. >> it absolutely does. and that's what i was trying to bring out was why didn't john lewis come down and say something about racism as it related to what i was going through? but obviously there is a different standard. and there is something that i cannot explain. charlie rangel did something that 11 counts of ethics violations and two days ago his arrogance of storming out of the hearing now is coming back on
8:45 pm
him. for john lewis to put his political capital on the line, i don't understand what is more important. is it to say charlie rangel or the character that he should stand important going back to as you say him being a hero of the civil rights movement? >> juan: let's talk about the congressional black caucus. we have two new black republicans, amazing but you are the only one choosing to join the black caucus at the same time you have been highly critical. you have got a beef with the black caucus. what is it and why does it make sense that you are joining if you are such a critic? >> well, you know, i think one of the critical things that need to be reestablished in washington, d.c. is intellectual debate and discourse. if i cannot be critical of the fact that the congressional black caucus cannot continue to be a monolithic voice, that promotes these liberal social welfare policies and programs that are fail in the black community, that are preaching victimization and dependency, that's not the way we should go. those are not the types of principles that my mother and father raised me with in the
8:46 pm
inner city of atlanta, georgia. i think it's important that we have varying perspectives and insights that can challenge the congressional black caucus. i think it will make things better for the black community as we go forth in the 21st century. >> juan: i like this. you are right. you are going to try to run up against people who are going to put you down and question your black authenticity because you have a different point of view. let me quickly add, tim scott, another republican, another black man, coming into the congress, he has declined to join the congressional black caucus. what's the difference between tim scott and alan west, both newcomers, republicans in this congress? >> well, i think you need to ask that question of tim scott. >> juan: all right. >> my relatives and my parents who are deceased now would be absolutely appalled if i had not gotten to this point in my life to be a united states house of representatives and not joined the congressional black caucus. >> juan: thank you very much for coming. we opened the factor vault and found this bill o'reilly gem
8:47 pm
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>> juan: in the back of the book segment tonight, back in the 1970s, before the factor was even born, bill o'reilly was a local reporter in dallas. and he had some unusual assignments. all right now which one of you guys would like to sign off for us? >> i will do it. i will do it. this is monty balou signing off for bill o'reilly, channel 8 news. >> bill: that was young jeff dunham and one of his puppets. dunham is now one of the most successful entertainers around and bill recently reconnected with him and one of his new talking puppets to discuss dunham's new book all by
8:51 pm
myselves, walter, peanut, achmed and me. >> bill: here they are walter and jeff buddies and pals nothing more than that. >> i hope not. >> thanks for having me on your show. i love "the o'reilly factor" it's fantastic. >> bill: recently i have gotten in trouble, walter and i need advice from you. i was over at "the view" you have heard of that show. >> we were on there and mentioned your name and they got up and left. bill usually crosses come out. >> right. >> bill: i'm not connecting to the lady except for elizabeth. i'm not connecting over there. what should i do? >> bill, either you get a puppet or you sit on jeff's other knee. >> bill: i have got to go with dunham. that's the only way to get through. >> people talk for a few weeks and then it blows over. you know how that goes. >> bill: um-huh. >> yeah, exactly. >> bill: do you think maybe i'm too obnoxious? >> no, bill, you and i are the same. we are just honest. >> bill: we are just
8:52 pm
straightforward simple men. >> simple man. look at us, you can tell. i'm the patriot, he is the pinhead. >> bill: well, okay. what is it about mr. obama that some americans object to? >> well, i have a simple philosophy. and i don't think he and i share this. if you don't love this country, i'm sorry, get the hell out. is that harsh? >> bill: well, it could be. >> let me rephrase it then get the hell out por favor. >> bill: time honored american trait. >> that's how this country was built on dissent. i don't like the dissent he has. this is a serious discussion, isn't it, bill? >> bill: you want to feel good, walter about america. >> i do. i want to feel good. i want to do reagan make a speech felt good. felt fantastic about who you are and where you were. i don't feel that way about obama. he seems like a good man and good father and husband. >> bill: you don't feel it with obama and sarah palin. >> no. >> bill: you don't feel about
8:53 pm
about it? >> i feel warm and fuzzy about me, bill. bill ghal could be a character defect. >> things in california. the right side of things didn't go well at all. >> bill: maybe you can explain. this is my last question. >> all right. >> bill: california is almost bankrupt, do you know that. >> i know that. >> bill: don't have any money there. >> no money. >> bill: you guys owe $60 billion. >> do you know how u. how many zeros there are in that. there is more zeros in billions than there are at zeros npr. >> bill: more money than arnold schwarzenegger has. >> yes, exactly. >> bill: 60 billion. is juan here yet. >> juan is back there. he wants to meet you. >> okay. >> bill: california is bankrupt owes $60 billion and, yet, you guys reelect barbara boxer who never met an entitlement program she didn't want to vacation with. how does that work? >> i don't know. it's the same confusion with nevada. i mean, harry reid is still there. >> bill: is he still. >> there he is still there. how key almost lose his seat? how can you screw up in the state that has legalized gambling and prostitution?
8:54 pm
>> bill: that's a good point. how could you screw up in that kind of a state. >> i don't know. i loved that environment. didn't work there bill, you are a simple man. >> bill: i am. would you consent on being a contributor to the factor. >> that would be great. just make sure this guy isn't here. >> bill: you will just take it on your own. >> yeah. we were here to push a book. i'm happy we didn't push the book yet. >> bill: we are going to mention the book. it's called all by myselves. >> incorrect english. >> bill: dunham has friends like you. >> achmed the dead terrorist. i heard he wanted to have him on here but we didn't want you to get any n. any more trouble. >> good evening achmed. >> good evening, infiddle. good ratings wouldn't last long. >> bill: npr fires any more people they won't anybody working for them. >> standing in line to be fired. what did juan get freaking 2 million from this joint?
8:55 pm
>> bill: that's the way it goes, you know, fired up. >> yeah. >> bill: if we had achmed the terrorist on "the view" ladies couldn't go to work for two weeks. >> bill, you are a genius. you are not a simple man. >> juan: pinheads and patriots next. president bush stopped by to see jay leno last night. did it cross the line. we'll report and you decide. right back with it. to save some money on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings.
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>> juan: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight featuring jay lino and president george w. bush. first, be sure to check out there's a fantastic promotion going on when you sign up for premium membership. when you buy the book you get a free tote bag and free copy of lis wiehl's book. also the bumper stinger. check out bill o' finally pinheads and patriots. president george w. bush continues his book tour. last night he showed up on jay leno's show. >> this is one of my favorites. you did this with such dignity, take a look.
8:59 pm
>> that was in china. that's the definition of a man without an exit strategy. >> juan: is leno a pinhead or patriot for playing that video? last night we asked if this professor is a pinhead or pate quit -- patriot? >> if i hear one more of these overly loud yawns. get up and walk the hell out. yawn outside! stay out of class! whatever it is you need to do to get over it! i want to know why 220 other people in this room don't find the need to do that! you should be asking yourself why am i the one loser that has to do that and 220 other people know better! >> juan: the votes are in. it was close. 54% say he's a patriot. 46% say he's a pinhead.


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